If you have recently cleaned your air ducts, you might be wondering: What should you expect from an air duct cleaning service? You can check their reviews online to help you choose a good company. Ensure that the company you’re considering has been in business for a while. Licensed companies use the latest equipment and adhere to best practices in air duct cleaning. Read online customer reviews to find out how satisfied past clients are with their service.

Air duct cleaning can be messy. A dirty duct will expose all kinds of hidden particles that are carried throughout the home. Dust from duct cleaning can travel throughout your home, so ask the company to provide dust shields. In addition, you should expect the technician to wear protective booties to keep dirt and dust from tracking into the home. 

The most common buildup in ducts is dust. Dust can be composed of various substances, including minerals and soil from the outdoors, human hair and pet fur, and carpet and paper fibers. Dust may also contain vermin, which can pose a health risk. Even the smallest critters can leave droppings that are harmful to your health. So, it would help to have your ducts cleaned as soon as possible to avoid a potential health risk.

Check for liability insurance. Suitable air duct cleaning companies carry liability insurance. This insurance covers any mishaps that occur during their services. If they get injured, it will pay for the repairs. A company without liability insurance could leave you in a difficult position. If you’re unsure about liability insurance, choose a different company. And make sure that you check out the warranty. There are many guarantees to choose from, so look for a company that offers this.

Chemical biocides may also be used during air duct cleaning. These chemicals are intended to kill bacteria and fungi. If used properly, they will also stop the growth of future biological contaminants. Some duct cleaning services may even use chemical biocides to seal air leaks and prevent dust from entering the system. However, the safety and effectiveness of using these chemicals are controversial. As always, you should always consult a certified professional.

The process is messy. Ensure that your air duct cleaning company uses drop cloths and plastic guards. Ensure they also wear booties so they don’t track debris through your home. Make sure the air duct cleaning company you choose uses trained technicians. And check their background. If they’re new to the industry, don’t be surprised if you notice a change in air quality and noise.