You might need to clean your home’s air ducts at some point. You may notice that the dust you are breathing in is matted and has a musty odor. You may also see black debris around your air vent registers or that you have noticed a ‘poof’ of dust coming out of the supply register. The more dust you notice in the air, the more likely you will need air duct cleaning.

Before you begin, ensure your furnace’s filters are in good condition. You can also get them cleaned by purchasing a special vacuum for duct cleaning. A standard household vacuum does not have the power to reach deep into the ducts. To get the best results, hire a company to clean the ducts. This can save you a lot of money over the long run!

There are some risks with attempting to clean your air ducts on your own, but they are far outweighed by the benefits of having your home air ducts professionally cleaned. Even if you can clean them yourself, you risk causing irreparable damage to the system. Professional air duct cleaners have the proper training and experience to safely clean and maintain a home’s air ducts.

Another reason to clean your ducts is to ensure that your home air is as clean as possible. Your home’s air ducts can harbor allergens and disease-causing microbes that can harm you. These allergens can be caused by dander, pet hair, mold, bacteria, and viruses and can cause serious health issues. So if you are experiencing allergies, you should get your home air ducts cleaned as soon as possible.

When should you have your ducts cleaned? You should also consider allergies or respiratory issues since this might indicate that your ducts need cleaning. You should schedule duct cleaning as soon as you see the dust on the surfaces.

While air filters remove particles from the air, they don’t eliminate allergens. These ionized molecules attack airborne pollutants such as dander and bacteria. They also cause them to stick together.

If you have indoor allergies or pets, you should have your air ducts cleaned twice a year. Additionally, your air filters should be changed at least once a year. Air duct cleaning should be done every two to three months, and the cold air return if you have them. After the cleaning, you should change your air filter. This will ensure that your air ducts remain clean and healthy for many years.